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from Circa


I. A. Priori...

Detachable enough...



I. A. Priori the pronoun. You. We. The lot is entirely empty. At the moment not even a hand.

Those who are lost. Infinitely loss. To such a degree. Are a surface to be elided. Smoothed. Paved over. Or deferred to another. Place. Motion, mustn't I.

Mapped out. Bodies mapped out. Thirst is of this one for that one in this place.

One moves. A lake, rift, a lot comes between. Infinite inscription. Echoes upon. To the point of. Where. Can be said is the origin of this. In [them they who you me]/Not in? Dust. A foundation of what then. Of, at a moment when it rounds.

An ease of mobility manipulates. The ease by which. At the moment of necessity. Push.

A crowded sidewalk. News travels. Careening. Not even a hand. Without a mouth. Word travels. In and around the throat. A box arrives. Filled. Pushing on for the breeze a throat fills. At times careening off. Shielding someone mapped out. For elsewhere. Paved into. Fact. Without a breath. Passage. Passenger. Outdone. Pedestrian. Not looking for emptiness nor order. Then what happens. Relays. Infinite expanse. Latent constellations of.

A staggering heat left behind.

1. still 2. replica 3. reiterative 4. left behind 5. a public

6. crowded 7. incessant 8. relays





Detachable enough him-her.  Thenceforth with or without one, two or three. Thenceforth without several. Condenses into what other than silence.

Into a fog mirror, afloat. Itineracy collecting texture. Dust. Mud. House dragged across the surface of the plains. Waiting, camped in a field for several weeks. Caught by telephone wires; electrical lines. Pushed on out by the promise of water. Into a mirror float. Waves of shivering heat flattening distance. Out here. Porch in the back of a pickup.

May be.

Now. Too close to someones. History is making. Practicable. Praxis becoming inherently practical. [Not feeling so.]

Numb burn. Where are you when I'm tired—I cannot stop on my own. Where I draw the line always seeping.





AFTON WILKY is a multi-disciplinary artist—writing, sound, digital media and book arts. She is the author of Clarity Speaks of a Crystal Sea (Flim Forum Press, 2014) and her work is in or forthcoming from journals such as Black Warrior Review, LIT, Siren, TAB, EOAGH, textsound, Word for/Word, and Jacket2. Her website and blog are at aftonwilky.com. She is the managing editor at The Volta.

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