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dear grassless space land
or space I dive into
these unknown fields talk dirty to our features
we consider living without our mutual eye a possibility
like unscheduled weather being
a reason to flutter or
to question any dumplings hitting your factual place
or minions pruning your dress blooms
their undressed song stones
of figurative language climbing you quietly
over the course of a long white dream




the last ancient blood machine
considers one balloon
dark in its lust
slothing into fire and into the heart
that it
elegantly divides
of the rescued invention of
bird and of
bravery and of
belittled environments which
it hung suffered language onto
your crucial skin scope considers a room
into which elevation does not reach




your mechanical heirlooms are deeply fond of grace
and like the intense red lunatic of the Jurassic museum
you are so upscale
and our radio hands touch
and relax to wanting
and to a graying city funeral I liken you
hey white hysterical machine
of music and gastronomic breakfasts
unfit to blue though without a miracle
from another language
of considerable stature and from
lustmade fallows we cannot promise out love




I am stepping softly
into the dumb land of genetics that
radiate and
festively drape me
over another cluster of breath
the delicate wings of a mute bird
essentially I am
though to break into a nucleus and for it to love
that effort is not possible
because I am tugging
to rescue a breathing invention
from the destiny of its failing heart


NOTE: These poems were written in response to the correspondingly numbered fragments Sappho left us, with the intention to both fill the blank spaces Sappho left behind and to stand alone. Credit is extended to Anne Carson for compiling Sappho’s fragments (If Not, Winter).

ESZTER TAKACS is the author of The Miraculous Hysterical, forthcoming from Coconut Books in 2015 and recipient of the Joanna Cargill Prize for first books. She is also the author of two chapbooks: Together We Will Talk Right Down to Earth (The New Megaphone) and The Spectacular Crash (H_NGM_N Books). Her individual poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Salt Hill, Yalobusha Review, Forklift Ohio, Sonora Review, Ampersand Review, Smoking Glue Gun, Ghost Proposal, Coconut, Prelude Magazine, Hot Metal Bridge, Soft Blow, Sink Review and Inter|rupture.

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