t e r r e l l    j a m a l    t e r r y







Ambivalence was
the original story of my persona.

Hands in the morning sun glove
the whitish glowing blade
behind trees. Am I not forever?

I'm going there disguised to see you.
I have no explanation.

I put on shoes. It's salty out
& webs in air disrupt
the way I've never danced.

I'm eating shards of recollection:
suitcases & carry-ons,
some shallow regret. I gave it time.

Stars in my body stir
slow ideas & breath.

To not wish anything is a gift
or a blackened dream
massaged by quietness.

Here is home in the next decade,
fresh chapters & hours following
resurrection & carving oceans

to break free from decoys of love.




I lose interest in sugar
& hesitate moving to shade

under your pretty nose
& all imposing cryptic advice.

Beside the ruby lamp hive
I'm deceptively pleasing senses.

I can't tag you
in the living room because

you are a day during dreams.
When I draw thin leaves

on the naked city
like a wig wrapping trees,

I'll rinse out
bouncing premonitions

& spare us this once
from being strapped for cash.

I want to feel soothed
in total grams

of significance, but bleakness
is very much bleak

in an orange-lighted tunnel
or yellow rose tea glass.


TERRELL JAMAL TERRY's poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Columbia Poetry Review, West Branch, Green Mountains Review, Washington Square Review, cream city review, Phantom Limb, Linebreak, and elsewhere. He resides in Raleigh, NC.

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