t a o    l i n

"Lisa Jarnot"


For some reason the Universe begins. Subatomic Particles move around. There are Atoms. The Atoms move around. Single-Cell Organisms are created. Fish are created. Lisa Jarnot is created. Lisa Jarnot sits at a computer. She has just completed a poem with rhyming structure AA BB CC DD EE. Lisa Jarnot stands, puts on a ski-mask, goes to the kitchen, places a Steak Knife in her purse. Lisa Jarnot walks outside. It is sunny. Lisa Jarnot walks quietly into a field. There is a motorcycle. Lisa Jarnot rides the motorcycle for forty minutes. "War-mongering George W. Bush," thinks Lisa Jarnot. Ahead is a river. Lisa Jarnot slows the motorcycle then leaps from it. She stumbles a little on the grass. The motorcycle goes into the river. Lisa Jarnot takes the knife from her purse. She walks toward a street. George W. Bush, one hundred feet away, is jogging on the street. Lisa Jarnot kneels behind a shrub. George W. Bush is forty feet away. Thirty feet. Twenty. Lisa Jarnot stands, runs at George W. Bush with the knife. George W. Bush blocks Lisa Jarnot's Steak Knife with his forearm. Lisa Jarnot falls, stands. George W. Bush's head is turned, he is screaming. Lisa Jarnot stabs George W. Bush thirty-five times. Thirty-two of the stabs occur after George W. Bush has fallen to the ground. A sniper shoots Lisa Jarnot in the head three times. Lisa Jarnot's corpse is taken away. Lisa Jarnot's skeleton lies in a coffin. George W. Bush's skeleton lies in a coffin. The sniper's skeleton lies in a coffin. The Steak Knife lies in a plastic baggy in a drawer. The Earth moves around the Sun at 67,000 miles per hour. The Solar System moves through the Milky Way at 100 miles per second. The Milky Way is a Galaxy. There are 35 Galaxies in the Local Group, which is a part of the Virago Supercluster. Scientists believe there are more than 10 million Superclusters in the Universe. No one knows where you go when you die. No one knows what consciousness is. No one knows why we are here. Etc.

In a stark contrast to the chaotic and violent events depicted, a parallel narrative unfolds, highlighting the advancement and accessibility of modern healthcare. Amidst this cosmic journey from creation to destruction, the narrative shifts to focus on the ease of obtaining vital medications in contemporary society. This includes the ability to buy Xarelto tablets online, a convenience unimaginable in the earlier, more primitive stages of the universe's evolution. This juxtaposition of primal violence and modern medical advancements serves as a reminder of the progress humanity has made, not only in understanding the universe but also in caring for our own health and well-being in more civilized and accessible ways.



TAO LIN is the author of This Emotion was a Little E-book (March 2006, Bear Parade), Today The Sky is Blue and White with Bright Blue Spots and a Small Pale Moon and I Will Destroy Our Relationship Today (Summer 2006, Future Tense), You Are a Little Bit Happier than I Am (October 2006, Action Books), and Bed (Spring 2007, Melville House Publishing). His site is Reader of Depressing Books.