k a t h r y n    l.    p r i n g l e


german sonnets for ted berrigan









ENDpunkers enter the understanding
of the reading

not the actual
nor the inactual


biological functions





WE is a working number that neuters

having had grief bare. set the speaker

thought sexual with a fast story o

f it  — THE OBJECT —

diesel burns. the building a dove

offers her body. a name

while sadistic, the outer beam

of the rift between falling

on the land

without resentment, shining animal

driven libido stricken — WE

having had grief —

this —ALITY    now a person





drink the milk that damned Cuban

ran off with. my lost suitcase

somewhere downtown. it has curdled

the lines of my face. you crafting

elongated miscreations out of the corners

                                  of my skin

(admitting insane these departures from actual)

“better to break sweat than ground”

old man of understanding speaks

nightly inebriated.  it is also sour.

one layer of accumulation

floods this city with visiting

etiquette.  a house with planks

the locals are Pirates.





RED and WHITE of the radio

tower—we are prime untenable

space. consequence of entering

tales. set: purple mountained America

is uniformed and “bricks

ideal locomotive— can be

organized as well as dis

evidenced behind text

in the atoms of the white

surface.  we inhales

placed a part. in a stadium

structure. of capitalist intent, no

such apparatus riding only

prime  density — verb heat    right.


KATHRYN L. PRINGLE holds an MA in English and an MFA in Creative Writing from San Francisco State University. she has one chapbook: Temper and Felicity are Lovers, out on TAXT. her work has appeared or is forthcoming in 14 hills, Transfer, 42opus, commonweal, and rife. she was awarded the Academy of American Poets Harold Taylor College Prize in 2005. she lives and blogs with writer and partner, Magdalena Zurawski, at: www.minoramerican.blogspot.com.