d a n i e l a    o l s z e w s k a



frontier w/fancy spurs

actually, neither of us deserves this certificate of completion

frontier w/fancy spurs


you seep through the belly
of the stagecoach—definitely

without child or petticoat.
o, what a nice spot for a ruckus.

this is after the noon starts
becoming blazingly territorial.

on loan from the epaulette-
laden furrier, you are providing

us w/evidence of bad holler
+tumbleweed sparkle.

everyone seems determined
to rarify yr constituationals.

though, i am convinced
that the rest of our cowgirls

already hurt too much
from the neck up.

we could take to shooting
tin-rimmed buffalo

+not hardly giving a damn.
but thereís always something

more than the saloon
to worry about. itís true that,

some of our best friends
also started out as ill-

conceived + overly fond
of the tenderhold.


actually, neither of us deserves this certificate of completion


i am an emotion-
manufacturing machine,
corset-tight in beaded cow
bodice + the awards hall
is filled w/potted
ferns that are probably
actually special agents
w/spot-poison darts
just twitch-quicking
for our weather
to get inclement again.
i pocket a tangerine
+ gold-leafed ashtray anyways—
who cares if they take me
out when you canít
even meet my bare minimum
of wearing a cummerbund
well + not only loving me
back in real-time,
but loving me enough
to claim it in front
of the presidential security
cameras, on a tuesday night,
w/the whole nation
watching all slack-jawed?


DANIELA OLSZEWSKA is the author of five chapbooks, including The Partial Autobiography of Jane Doe (dancing girl press) and Citizen Jane Trains For Many Different Kinds of Careers (horse less press). She is in the MFA program at the University of Alabama.

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