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On Catching the Chupacabra Blues

Morningside Blues

Bathhouse of the Winds

On Catching The Chupacabra Blues


                      I would go to California.

I would write a brittle hymn.

           Down three dark alleys,
           rain in the rain-

           trees, Hell
           is used up, Summer



Morningside Blues


One street

           light of my rose-

           darkness, 6A

           M: burying



Bathhouse of the Winds


Spiral staircase

a few
more daylights,

isnít so much to


MICHAEL KEENAN received his MFA in Literary Arts from Brown University. His first chapbook, TWO GIRLS, was published by Say No Press in 2009. His poems are forthcoming in Poetry International, Inter|rupture, Blue Fifth Review, and Shampoo, among others. His poem, ďA Sexual History Of Binghamton, New York,Ē featured in A-Minor Magazine, was recently nominated for a Pushcart prize. He currently drives a waffle truck in Northern Florida.

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