m e g a n     k a m i n s k i



[grayed asphalt]

[Streaks of light lilac the ceiling chortles for]


grayed asphalt
stadium lighting
cellular tower
leaf dance
jaunt lilt
black pine

To say the trees green the sky blue bricks red
letters spill point to further destinations    the body
shop on 45th across from white office buildings
overalled-men stone patios press mortar into
cracks measure the impact of feet and feudal
longings for this landscape plant the yellow
blossoms close to our beds    mark our crossings



Streaks of light lilac the ceiling chortles for
sunshine and white linen enter the kitchen
bowing paint three red lines across forehead
dab wrists with oil    carry powdered almonds
there are two ways to tell this story lunching
under porch fans or late dinners in the cellar
let petals explain us each morning spread
                                 across water over feet

ash azaleas
a nest
bay bridge


MEGAN KAMINSKI's first book of poetry, Desiring Map, is forthcoming from Coconut Books in 2012. She is also the author of six chapbooks, most recently Favored Daughter (Dancing Girl Press). Her poetry and nonfiction currently appear in Everyday Genius, Eleven Eleven, Denver Quarterly, American Letters & Commentary and other journals. She lives in Lawrence, KS, and teaches creative writing and literature at the University of Kansas.

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