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Atria: Pulse

Inquietude (IX)

Atria: Pulse



our landscape: I offer you
this catalogue of plants

yes some are carnivorous
ingesting fly-flesh like suns

others might choke
on raindrops or blossom

open in the small crescent
moon of your hand


Inquietude (IX)


both couched we speak of silent things

a clover's head sprouts a fifth leaf
& we count blessings in mute cushions

            what we can't not do to one another
            is the potential expressed in the forefinger's
            ridged pressing a counting of

            skin impressions
            moles’ rigid glyphs

blanket heat your shoulders bare

            my touch
            a lung

            I sink down quiet

even the wind envies your slight breath
opening somewhere a clenched bud


JERROD E BOHN completed his MFA in creative writing at Colorado State University in Fort Collins, where he now lives and teaches. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in The Ottawa Arts Review, Inertia, Matter, The Montreal Review, and other journals. He is currently trying to find a publisher for what will be his first book-length collection.

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