a l b e r t    a b o n a d o


[This book is set in Albert Abonado]

[This book is set in a type that already holds more air than it can contain]



This book is set in Albert Abonado. Many people have wondered if this type is named after Albert Abonado, which is a reasonable question to ask, one that leads some to google Albert Abonado, and inevitably leads them to another Albert Abonado. That Albert Abonado assures you that he has nothing to do with this Albert Abonado. There is even a video of that Albert Abonado losing in a Judo match in 2007, although that Albert Abonado would prefer if you donít watch it since he has seen it many times. Instead, that Albert Abonado encourages you to consider your other responsibilities, that if the holidays are approaching, you should probably start writing cards to send to your loved ones. You could set those cards in Albert Abonado. You could include in your card a note about how you came across this Albert Abonado while reading this book. It might look something like this. You might mention the title of the book even if it isnít the most interesting book. You might tell someone you love how Albert Abonado changed your life.





This book is set in a type that already holds more air than it can contain, yet someone in another room continues to fill this type with more air. You have never made love to a balloon before, but it must sound like this type approaching its limit. You believe the source must be a hose or pipe, but what if it is a man lying on his back with his mouth wrapped around a part of this type you canít see? Do you poke his contracting chest with a stick and hope for the best? You walk into a hallway where you find all these doors, and you think the answer must be here somewhere, but you find you are always in conflict with doors. You think maybe you should just turn around and go back. It isnít all bad. If you think about it, the sound could be something else, somebody returning from the war, somebody receiving a bank error in their favor. Maybe bursting is undervalued as speech. In the event of a flood, you will be the one to keep others afloat on this type, which also makes it perfect for a plane falling into the ocean. You actually like how the type can be a swan one moment and in the next, squint at you as if it is in discomfort, as if it is a bunny that broke its legs trying to escape.



ALBERT ABONADO's poems have appeared or are forthcoming in issues of The Awl, The Collagist, Gargoyle, Harpur Palate, New Ohio Review, Salamander and Memorious. He works for BOA Editions in Rochester, NY where his wife reminds him every day that he is ruining her life by being allergic to cats.

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