l e i a    p e n i n a     w i l s o n


himself he dreamed that too


the seam of her eyes admits
uneven solitude: stitched sunshine
into a letter into glass
stitched into his hand         a heaven—uneven.

up the ladder: up later: expressions
allow her face.
allow her.

of the light. the seam. the uneven.
the glass a bird began crossing.

he was not whole—
such a little dinosaur—how fast
how invisibly he was frightened/ but still bird
still—he dreamt:

he went up—flew just/ an iris:
the will to.
the will of her eyes in his hand: un-stitched.

a brief definition—the cause
of danger: the bird wanted
the un-stitching himself: he dreamed
about that too. of the privilege
of the choices—of it all

he had seen her singing and become
very sad but if her words or
his mood itís unclear: everything
everything was so sweet
and light
and stunned by hunger:
the will to:
stunned by being:
the will of—

his chirp awkward and un-amusing

her tone leaky and absurd:
the absurdity of it in minding
the gather-round so as to say—itís easy
if everything goes according to plan:
apply a slight amount
of force to visible dreams:
it changes only the texture.


LEIA PENINA WILSON spends her days baking tiny cakes and lounging in the sun. She's an MFA candidate at the University of Alabama and an assistant editor of Black Warrior Review. Her work can be found in, or is forthcoming from, Interim, Handsome, Heavy Feather Review, Mud Luscious, and others.

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