s c o t t     a b e l s

k a r e n a     y o u t z


from Owyhee








Karena, Mexico's sexy denial of
cause and effect doesn't work.
I want to become
a moderate careful person.
But that
is about it.
In the U.S.
I like the mountains, and
I like the daffodils.
Poop, excuse me.
That is all
there is to it.
This place smells
like a broken tooth.

Nina and I will move back to Honolulu.
You should make some rock there.
Karena, if I had a Larry corporate workplace
I would want you to be the
head gardener!
You of all must know how
to play with kids.




I hear Mexico tells
different fibs than the United States
on labels of organic produce.

Oh Scott, Larry Co. so wants me
as boss laborer. When bindweed
strangles infertile fruit trees,
asking me to work
makes the suits feel bad.
I never use one chemical
or dig. My implement is the cause and effect chant,
Go Nature Go!

which proves I might be too careless
to correspond with. When I play
I close my eyes and run
which is not appropriate
to do around people
I applied to be Larry Co.'s immoderator




Karena, somebody welcomed me
to the Owyhee County
website. A
vast contraption
for getting attention.
Their collective
personality: naughty.
Like sad good luck
The Howdy Mountains on The Big Island
have never seen a war, they
won't bear fruit soon.
Coke has always
been available in a plastic bottle!
There are 500 million
cars on earth!
Karena, what is the largest man-
made thing you've ever seen?
Sincerity, Karena,
has not fallen
so far out of favor.




How Close Are We?

Dear Scott, so far I saw
New York City and America from an airplane. Billions and billions of times
hamburgers have been
mad. NPR announced one side
effect of the internet is less wisdom;
where did it go?
The mountains
stayed on the desert.
Owyhee County composes
weed control and
taxing districts. Fact: no one in Owyhee County
has ever lost
creative license no matter how much
she weaves. Sorry. No, I'm glad I said it.

Lately I have been feeling like a big jerk.
Adrian and I both wrote 100 poems in 100 days
not talking to each other, not
reading each other's
poems just

every day I knew he was somewhere
writing and presumably
he knew I was somewhere. When it came time to make our
mashup I withdrew
What I had written, far
"too personal", could not be
dialectically presented. Also, I felt
like mixing poems with him
would be slutty
since, you know, you
brought up sincerity when I told you, haltingly, I
lifted up my skirt
and was wearing bermuda shorts
to whomever wasn't looking anyway.
But I still hope you and I are pressed so closely together
someday that the ink smears


KARENA YOUTZ is a poet living in Boise, Idaho. She is the author of the full-length poetry collection, The Transfer Tree (1913 Press, forthcoming).

SCOTT ABELS lives and teaches in Honolulu, Hawai'i, where he edits the online journal of poetry Country Music. He is the author of a full-length poetry collection, Rambo Goes to Idaho (BlazeVOX, 2011), and a chapbook, Nebraska Fantastic (Beard of Bees, 2012).

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