elizabeth robinson





This is the house of conviction
you come into.

Characters play here,
blurred, coming into

made inside frame.

Passive hardware.  The address
is resistless at its new site.

The characters crave their old positions.  Once,

they stood, so,

on their parts.  The frame of address

first laid upon.

And then implanted.

Where one finds oneself.  The roof-peak,
the angle of wall to floor.

Where one finds oneself, one imagines,
is as one fell.

The characters that comprise a house
exist in this:

like weather falling down, you did
enter, the shape of the house bent aside.

Each element struggles to
make threat subservient

to shelter.




Alba: the caracol


Let undeclared

night delay

the past.

Nothing as arbitrary

as time can feign

song.  Bereft




ELIZABETH ROBINSON is the author of 6 books of poetry including Pure Descent, a winner of the National Poetry Series, and Apprehend, a winner of the Fence Modern Poets Series.  A new book, Apostrophe, will come out in early 2005 from Apogee Press.  Robinson teaches at the University of Colorado, Boulder, and is a co-editor of EtherDome Chapbooks, 26 Magazine, and Instance Press.