c o l l e e n    m c c a r t h y



Dear Lillian

Dear Lilthief



Dear Lillian,

                    they want to belt me here
                    against my filament thighs

and if i catch you songing in the birch front
                                                                 what then?
i canít meter you or siphon up
                                                       your headstrong marble

did you sleep on your belly too
                                                       ceramic pillow under your   goiter

i want to eat your bloodcake
lump of thumb in the mixing bowl

                                                       unplug it unplug it now







COLLEEN MCCARTHY lives in Minneapolis, where she teaches yoga/poetry at local studios and community parks, and fails to correspond. Colleenís poems have appeared in dear camera and Midway Journal and are forthcoming in La Petite Zine.


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