c a r i n a    f i n n

from Apocrypha, Book V : Digitus


when we go virtual...

on the database...

we have been separated...



when we go virtual the hosts get sicker and eventually die. eventually we realize there is no need for the bodies. even the meat begins to lose its appeal. eventually we realize there is no need for nutrition. the bodies begin to radio in. the receptionists are always busy. the operator becomes fashionable again. this is the end of the time of the seasons. always already everybody is inside. the operators develop an allergy to light. all of my daughters become operators. this is the most marriageable profession. I search out the sons of other mothers. all of the mothers have incredible interface capabilities. this is the best accessory of the new unbody. the new woman is wombless and wireless and can pick up any signal regardless of the weather.





on the database I say hello to the daughters and the daughters respond in kind.





we have been separated from our father. now all of the bodies look especially real. arenít these just actors playing actors who are always acting? I do not understand the narrative of this show. I do not we. we do not. we do not comprehend the reality of this show. it is based on the concept that everything is made out of cardboard and you get to wear masks when the lights are on. this reminds us of something we learned in the parthenon. our father told us the story of — our apologies, we do not understand the narrative of this show. once upon a parthenon the master made a heathendom. dear automania, we apologize for our maiden-ness. our clumsiness made the autognome hate us.



CARINA FINN is an MFA student at the University of Notre Dame. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in Storyglossia, CutBank, Seven Corners, Connotation Press, and elsewhere. Her chapbook, I HEART MARLON BRANDO, is forthcoming from Wheelchair Party. Carinaís poems have been nominated for a Puschcart and won two Academy of American Poets prizes.

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