w i l l i a m    a l l e g r e z z a


dark water


dark water


if we are to stop
with shades
pools forming

to state

“she passes a note
before moving away”

true utterance lost

                      a corner
sound forms





i wasn’t even conquering your numbers
as i spoke

           somewhere music plays behind a door
and we think of cafes blown open with
romantic fervor

           our sign is on the wall
           waiting to be marked upon

bottles                       red flowing

           on a tarmac
           for the last
           to come

i’m sorry if i am staying too long.


WILLIAM ALLEGREZZA teaches and writes from his base in Chicago. His poems, articles, and reviews have been published in several countries, including the U.S., Holland, Finland, the Czech Republic, and Australia, and are available in many online journals. Also, he is the editor of Moria, a journal dedicated to experimental poetry and poetics, and the editor-in-chief of Cracked Slab Books. His e-books and books include The Vicious Bunny Translations, Covering Over, Temporal Nomads, Ladders in July, and In the Weaver's Valley.