d o u g    n u f e r


Nose Knows

Order Inverse Speech Campaign

Nose Knows


No mad nomads
Command those commandos
Sorties or tease
Cock if phony cacophony
Bullet din bulletin
Resonant resident
Romantic inspired Roman tick in spired
Head lies swell headlines well.
Guards play your card splay or
Bluff pyrite’s pilaf pie rights,
Form mica iconic glassed formica iconoclast
Cigarette motherlode dares.

Zigurat mother lowed aires
Entreaties accompany cowherd-tooted shofared
End treaties.  A company cowered, too, did show fart
Tunes, classifying watercress anthem hums in the
Dunes, declassifying what are chrysanthemums.  Indi–
cator tutors
cater to terse
File loyalty oath hellos.

Vile oil tea Othellos
Swallow in self–righteous wallow, wince elf–wry jus–
tices’ innocent riff.  A cult
Hisses in a centrifugal
Universally deployed force where
You never sully, the ployed forswear,
Kinetic illusion.  Can addict collusion
Crews effectively cruise if actively
Made impotent by yen?  May dim potent buy-in
Advice corner every mark hit.

Ad vise corn or reverie market
Champions jam peons
With thin ice cool within high school
Limitations’ hell.  Imitations sell
Chauvinistic law, shove finesse, stick claw
Witch hunt jurisprudence which shunt jurist prudence
Aside, favoring a side favor ring
Duke crowned thigh, good with brother hoods
From sea to shining sea.


Order Inverse Speech Campaign



To soil foreign candle Roman
Sense, common oil castor chain food
Troopers storm case crank banquet beggars.

For there, slave wage croppers share
Capability negative of spite
In fairy tooth gold fools.

This management anger song theme
Children spoiled in dissonance
Cognitive prayer lords fried French.

While mean wild deuces
Waist panty ass candy wit to rush bums,
More further the liquor malt life high that wax bees rent for.

Though all let cake eat them,
More many convinced remain:
Is it to have to better a bush in the hand
Than the two bushes in bird question to open?

As where the Bank World
Nation rogue curs con
Tightening belt to bear the feed,

The Standoff Mexican rancheros huevos
Tongue mother a phrase coin to
Faire laissez etat de coup.  Being of state
Violence of going on, the restless are natives.


Hand on the other
The woods in the babe
Sand in the head position
Missionary creed apostles relish
Pickled a dandy doodle key yank.

The dog hot hound blood plate boiler
That can’t heat the stand
Should out stay the in of kitsch.

The magnetism animal helper plumbers
Smear pap, release press potatoes, couch
Magazine Time
As the victor goes
To the spoils.


The realm of the coin
Quarters head arms to
The zeppelin led rock pet
Honor of medal.

The chance of games
Welcome heroes
To come box in a home
Free of the land.  At last.  Free.


DOUG NUFER writes fiction, poetry, and pieces for performance. His novels include Never Again and Negativeland. His stories and/or poems have appeared in Fence, Chain, Bird Dog, and Monkey Puzzle. He also performs his work with choreographer Erin Mitchell and her dance troupe.