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My mother and father separated when I was 12 years old. My mother let my brother and me pack up one suitcase each. And then we took anything else in the house that might remind my father of my mother or my brother or me. This included a huge portrait of my mother that hung in the dining room and that we laid on its side in the backseat.

The three of us sat in the front seat and we drove away from our family house in Cleveland, Ohio until got to my auntís house in Sacramento, California. We lived there with her for the summer, but my father didnít know where we were. My fatherís response to this was to buy four burial plots at a cemetery outside of Cleveland. It was his way to keep the family together.



MICHAEL KIMBALL: The Believer calls Michael Kimballís third novel, DEAR EVERYBODY, ďa curatorial masterpiece.Ē His three critically acclaimed novels are (or will soon be) translated into many languages. His work has been on NPRís All Things Considered and in Vice, as well as The Guardian, Prairie Schooner, Open City, Unsaid, and New York Tyrant. He is also responsible for Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (on a postcard) and the documentaries, I WILL SMASH YOU (2009) and 60 WRITERS/60 PLACES (2010).

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