e r i k a    k r i s t i n e    b o g n e r

Jewel Tone Jesus


saw a jewel tone jesus painted on the side of a house while being passed by a couple nearing 80 driving 85 in their Buick Century

they may be late for church

layers of lawn charms outline houselines sheltering wasps nests and other forms of invisibility in grey fedora hats. broken loco motives lie silent against piano music pouring cloud.

bucolic behemoths bend inward vacantly soft now settled in, like sin between their contemporarys and kin with only waning window innuendos and defenseless fallen fences

hugged by hackneyed knock kneed trees as far as the eye can see.

paintless petroglyphs in the shapes of gingerbread homesteads

school buses

boy scouts

sunday drivers on a wednesday afternoon

cairns of carrion moving across the landscape sunlit avoiding fate. something like Egypt but with evergreens mailboxes and orange buried cable markers



ERIKA KRISTINE BOGNER is currently living near Lake Michigan in a sleepy beach town in Michigan, where she resides with her two Boston Terriers in a small studio loft with their beloved hand hewn, old-growth pine floors, and 9-foot arched, south-west facing windows.

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