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There once was a soldier who deserted his post during war, and because of his desertion the war was lost. He ran. He kept running away from the battle cries, from the sound of blood dripping from the foreheads of young men. He came to a river, and there he saw a man: naked and fair. The naked man sat next to the riverbed. He smiled at the soldier. The soldier was sweaty, bloody, and his ribs broken. He asked for food, instead the naked man sang. Oh did he sing. The soldier closed his eyes and let the naked man wrap himself around him. He felt water over his head, as the sky red with blood became crimson, the naked man whispered, this is how it will end. The soldier closed his eyes, and let the metal on his back carry him down the river, letting the weight of the water push him harder. He thought to himself: at least I will die clean.



NASIR SAKANDAR was born and raised in San Diego, California. His work has appeared or is forthcoming in Hayden's Ferry Review, Midway Journal, La Fovea, SWINE, l'Allure Des Mots, and other places. He is currently an MFA Candidate at the University of Minnesota.

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